Harvesting Light Roadshow

Award-winning artist Paul Evans works with Tollbar Academy students Kaydon Robinson and Rose Beach at the STEAM workshop, ‘Harvesting Light.’

Award-Winning Artist Gives Tollbar Students A Greater Appreciation Of Light And Colour

Young scientists at Tollbar Academy have been working with local Arts organisation Our Big Picture on the ‘Harvesting Light’ STEM workshop, with the help of award-winning artist Paul Evans and leading physicists from the University of Sheffield.

The workshop built on what students learn in KS3 Science and Art by investigating the fundamentals of colour and light.

Joe Hermiston, the Academy’s Curriculum Leader for Science, said:

“The day was a huge success and allowed students to broaden their thinking and develop cross-curricular links across different subjects.”

Mrs Wardle, STEM Co-ordinator for Science, said:

“The students were so fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with experts from the local community, and be able to develop valuable skills that enrich their curriculum experience.”

Artist Paul Evans explained:

“Bringing Science and Art together we spent two hours of focussed activity around what light is and, in particular, how light generates colour. We explored what we use colour for and how we see it, and what it means to us, as well as the science behind it. We were also looking at various forms of colour, exploring pigments and structural colour, which is a very special mechanism created by nature which produces the beautiful colours you see in butterfly wings.”

Student Lily Cross said she enjoyed being able to carry out lots of experiments in one go. Rose Beach said:

“I liked to answer the questions as I found them really interesting.”

Alfie Wood added:

“I loved being able to see the detail of bugs under the microscope that I would never normally be able to see.”

Thanks to Tollbar Academy for words and image.

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