Rawmarsh School Visits Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Professor Richard Jones and Dr Michael Weir introduce the workshop to our visitors from Rawmarsh Community School

On 24th January 2020 18 year 9 students from Rawmarsh Community School visited the University of Sheffield Department of Physics and Astronomy for another of our intensive Art/Science workshops.

After an introduction by Professor Richard Jones and Dr Michael Weir, the young people  were taken on a series of ‘light journeys’, following photons from their origin in fusion reactions in the sun, to various ‘landing points’ on Earth.

These journeys were explored in three illustrated presentations on the themes of ‘What is Light’ , ‘What is the Sun’ and ‘What is energy’, interspersed with dynamic activities including group drawings of an imaginary Euclid,  experiments with wavelengths using coloured Slinkys and colouring Newton’s famous prism …

Examining specimens of butterfly wings with Derick Liew.

After lunch the day concluded with further demonstrations and activities including close-up examination of butterfly wings using optical microscopes, drawing a cartoon phytoplankton, and an opportunity to view our Neu-Tron Spin VR artwork (developed by the artist Paul Evans and Human VR for Festival of the Mind 2018) on Oculus Go headsets.

Many thanks to Rawmarsh Community School and their wonderfully engaged Year 9 students for joining us.

Drawing a cartoon phytoplankton.
Viewing Neu-Tron Spin on Oculus Go headsets.

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