Harvesting Light: production still from VR environment © Paul Evans 2020

Answering Your Questions About Physics and Art …

In a forthcoming podcast for The University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind, artist Paul Evans and physicist Dr Andrew Parnell will be answering  questions that we ‘crowd sourced’ from members of the public, leading scientists and artists in July 2020.

These questions will help describe a ‘fantastic voyage’ from the sun, our nearest star, to the infinitesimally small ‘nanoverse’, governed by the weird rules of quantum physics.

Many thanks to those who have asked such splendid – and challenging – questions about ‘light, the universe and everything’ … including …

John Thatcher, Furniture Designer

“Is there a centre to the universe, and if so where is our solar system/galaxy in relation to the centre?”

Coralie Turpin, Artist

“If there is a centre then is there an edge?”

Mike Weir, physicist

“Are the beautiful structures that nature produces art”

Bruce Langridge, Botanist

“What is a quark made from? And what is that thing that makes a quark made from?”

… and lots more!

The podcast will be broadcast as part of the University of Sheffield’s forthcoming Festival of the Mind.

The Festival of the Mind 2020

Running from from 17th – 27th September 2020, The Festival of the Mind is a unique collaboration between the University researchers and experts from Sheffield’s cultural and creative industries.

The Festival is about welcoming the public and students from all over the world. This will be the fifth Festival of the Mind – the last Festival held in 2018 attracted 53,000 visitors to its performances, talks, exhibitions, virtual reality experiences and interactive events.

Please follow @FestivalMind or go to for more details.