About the Nanocade project …

Located within Futurecade – an exhibition immersive technologies at the Festival of the Mind – Nanocade will offer a number of new artworks alongside re-configured versions of past creations developed by the artist Paul Evans over his extended residency within the University of Sheffield Department of physics.

New works will include:

1) The first public exhibition of Harvesting Light: an extraordinary virtual reality journey following the paths of photons from their origins in the heart of the sun, passing through interplanetary space before entering the earth’s atmosphere and into a new generation quantum solar cell

2) ‘The Delft Service’, an augmented reality projection onto ceramic plates, featuring designs based on research undertaken during the artist’s visit with University of Sheffield physicists to the Reactor Institute Delft (RID) research centre in Delft, NL.

The objective is to create a series of artworks enabling the public to explore the nanoverse on a number of mind-blowing length scales.

The exhibition will also include a new edit of Neu-Tron Spin, a previous work by Evans/Humanstudio (first exhibited FOTM 2018).

The Delft Service (animation still) © Paul Evans 2020